So, You Want To Hire A Designer?


See that smiling face right over there? That's V.

V is a graphic designer, and they're here to help you

Aside from their charming good looks and impressive eye for excellent photo-ops, V is pretty skilled when it comes to design.

Skeptical? Simply scroll down and take a leisurely stroll through some stunning showcases of V's skills.

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Hi! I'm V!

Hi! I'm V!


What kinds of media does V like to use for their designs?

Glad you asked! Let's glance through their digital and traditional media....

Traditional Media

Like most artists, V started out sketching with crayons and construction paper, but they've since progressed to all manner of traditional media. V's current favorite traditional medium is watercolor, though they also enjoy working with ink and doing calligraphy!

Digital Design

Don't be fooled by their love for traditional media, V also adores working with completely digital designs too. Illustration and lettering are V’s favorite aspects of graphic design, and it’s made clear in the sheer number of logos, social media posts, icons, and pieces of art they have to show you!

Cool illustration skills, but what layout work have they done?

Glad you asked! Let's take a look at some of V's...

Layout Design

While not their primary focus, V most certainly has some experience in the layout aspect of design. From notable Boston cider company Downeast Cider House to the New England Science Fiction Association’s annual Boskone convention, the following is just a small selection of V's layout design work.


Wow, how did they develop such a diverse skill set?

The same way anybody does, through lots and lots of...


Just like V's other skills of fire spinning, inline skating, and street hypnosis, design is something that must be practiced. Whether it's doodling in their notebook or designing their new website, V is constantly looking for ways to maintain, flex, and expand their creative capacity. Everyone starts somewhere, and the artistic process is just that: a process. Below are a select few unpolished examples of V's creative practice.

V seems pretty neat, how do I get in contact with them?

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